From small operations to large state of the art operations.

Farming and Agriculture

When hearing the word farm, the thought of a large area of land and producing food or crops for an agricultural processes should come to mind. Fruit farms, vegetable farms, arable farms, poultry, pig and dairy farms are names associated with specialized units of farming. Examples of some names that we are familiar with are feedlots, ranches, orchards, and hobby farms which all include the land, agricultural buildings and farmhouse.

The size of such an operation can extend from a few acres to thousands of acres. A corporation, community, family or even a single individual may own and operate a farm.

Certain farms like vineyard (grapes), orchards (nuts and other fruit), market garden or "trunk farm" (vegetables and flowers) may not even use the term name at all.

Many people today still own a farm and while living in their home they lease out the land or buildings that they once used to now generate cash flow during their retirement.

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